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If I Say Nothing, It Won't Be Heard, But If I Say Something, It'll Be a Critical Hit. It Sucks Being a Family.It's Just a Coincidence They're All Girls. Got That? Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face.Kids are Kids and Parents Are Parents (but Also Human Beings) and it Takes All Kinds. but They get Through it Together Right?
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Porta SynopsisShe's Gorgeous...No, Not You, Mom. Don't Get Near Me When You Dress Like That.Shirase
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Shirase SynopsisStudents are the Protagonist of a School Festival. But People Wearing School Uniforms are Included, Too.Students are the Protagonist of a School Festival. But People Wearing Uniforms are Included, Too.
The Boy Thought He Was Embarking on a Great Adventure But, Uh, What's Going on HereThis is a Territory For Children, Filled With Hopes and Dreams. For Children. That's the Important Part!To Do List
Underwear is Armor. Make Sure It's High in Defence. Otherwise, My Son Might Die!Voice ActorsWise
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